Why Murder?


Why Murder? is working hard to reform and revitalize communities throughout Baltimore.  Communities are torn apart by homicides and the frequent administration of “street justice.”  By bringing together families afflicted by homicide, both victims and perpetrators, our organization seeks to foster forgiveness, provide support, and strengthen inner city communities.  Why Murder? critically needs funds to launch much needed programs that protect and support under served youth in urban areas at risk of incarceration and afflicted by crime in their communities.  Our programs include career and vocational training, positive recreational activities and neighborhood reinvestment strategies.

We ask for your support today and hope you consider giving a donation to Why Murder? Inc., a 501(c)(3) compliant organization.


Growing up in West Baltimore’s housing projects, Donnie recalled how “the word ‘future’ wasn’t even in my vocabulary because I didn’t know if I’d be alive or dead tomorrow.”

“It’s your house, protect it, your community - revive it, our country, bless it.”

- Why Murder? Founder Donnie Andrews